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Sponsors of COINS-2015

Gold Sponsor
Goznak started its history in 1818, when the Expedition of Storing State Papers was founded in accordance with the Decree of the Emperor Alexander I. Today, Federal State Unitary Enterprise “Goznak” incorporates 8 branches including two mints – in Saint Petersburg and in Moscow. The Saint Petersburg and Moscow Mints carry out the order of the Bank of Russia for striking change, commemorative and investment coins, they produce state awards and distinction marks, issue commemorative medals, various souvenirs, marks of assay as well as jewellery.
http://www.goznak.ru/ http://spmd.goznak.ru/ http://mmd.goznak.ru/
Co-organizer of the business program for visitors of COINS-2015

CGB.fr was established in 1988. Actually, CGB.fr is the biggest numismatic company in France. CGB.fr is also known as the biggest numismatic website in Europe, with more than 400.000 coins, banknotes and tokens. The website is translated in English, German, Spanish, Italian, Chinese and Russian.

CGB.fr sells and buys numismatic items – more than 100.000 coins and banknotes every year all over the world. Equally, CGB.fr publishes more than 30 catalogs per year about greek coins, modern coins, roman coins, banknotes… CGB.fr organizes 5 or 6 live auctions per year and many fixed price lists. Weekly, CGB.fr organizes an E-auction with a starting price at 1 ? and without buyers fees!

CGB.fr is also a publisher of various numismatic books in order to promote coins and to increase the numismatic market and of a free monthly newspaper called “The Bulletin Numismatique”.

Joël Cornu – Chairman and CEO of cgb.fr j.cornu@cgb.fr
Co-organizer of the cultural program for visitors of COINS-2015
Gohran of Russia is a government institution forming the State fond of precious metals and jewels of the Russian Federation which provides storage, release and usage of precious metals and jewels (Gohran of Russia) under the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation.
Сo-organizers of the program for kids-visitors of COINS-2015

The Museum of Money is the unique project not only in Moscow but also in Russia; thereby it attracts high number of tourists.

You can get acquainted with modern and old, out of circulation money from different countries worldwide. There is a display where you will find the items from about 231 country, all in all there are about 4232 items, 3142 of which are banknotes and bons and 1093 are coins.

The exposition is located at Leningrad Highway 59, in the building of the Moscow River Shipping Company; you can visit the exposition on a weekday, from 10 to 18.00.

Info : 8 (499) 652 94 56

DI-GROUP and DI NOVA LLC are glad to present our trademark – Monetary Attraction.

DI-NOVA LLC is a dynamically developing company on the Russian market (for now we are 5 years old).

Today more than 1000 entrepreneurs have already become our partners in many cities of the Russian Federation and all over the world under the trademark «Monetary attraction» and have already started a business.

We are ready to provide you any solution for your business in the vending equipment field for the sale and manufacturing of souvenir coins and tokens.

And the most important thing is that we enable anyone to start their business with small initial capital.

Get acquainted with us on the website: http://монетный-аттракцион.рф/
To get a consultation and to see the showroom in Moscow: 6, Semenovskiy drive, Business centre ABC,

and by phone: +7 985 261 8778 or +7 926 034 21 01.

Partner of the exhibition program of COINS-2015

Czech Mint is well positioned on the world map of minting, as it continues the traditions of coin production in the lands of Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia, which date back to 10-th century AD. During the whole existence of sovereign state of Czech Republic, Czech Mint is the only producer of Czech Koruna circulation and commemorative coins.

Besides striking coins for the Czech National Bank, Czech Mint is issuing its own assortment of investment and commemorative coins and medals, intended for collectors and general public.

Partners of COINS-2015

CCCB is the leading Russian enterprise that offers a full range for transportation precious stones, metals, jewelry and products from them. Transportation is effected by armored cars accompanied with specially trained armed employee throughout the whole territory of Russian Federation.

Since 2013 CCCB provides new service – delivery of mail and cargo “door-to-door” with high level of security during 1 day within the city and from 1 day throughout Russia – SPETSSVYAZ-EXPRESS.

fedorovzavod The company was found in 1992 by Vladimir Arkhipov who is the main stockholder and eternal Director General of ZAO Feodorovski zavod AV.

The company’s specialization is producing of medals, badges, marks and souvenirs. The high quality products of Feodorovski zavod is an achievement of experienced painters, gravers and engineers. Company’s customers are government administrations of the main cities of Russia, business corporations, educational and government institutions etc.



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