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Partners of COINS-2018


Publisher – Water Mark Publishing House
Issued since 2006
Publication frequency – 2 issues per year
Circulation – 14500 issues
Volume – 100 – 110 pages
Size А4, full colour


– News of the coin market
– Interviews with the experts of mints, national banks, numismatic companies
– Exclusive reports from local and international numismatic exhibitions
– Results of the leading Russian and international auctions
– Articles about ancient coins
– Medal art

Russia, 190020, St. Petersburg, Staro-Petergofsky pr., 43–45, lit. B, of.4н
Tel. +7 (812) 3253523, 3465015 (16, 17, 18), Tel/fax +7 (812) 3252099, info@watermark.ru


Partner of the Program for Kids
Museum of Money The Russian Money museum is located in the building of Anninskiy Cavalier on the territory of the Peter and Paul Fortress (Saint -Petersburg). Museum was founded by JSC Goznak – a company producing Russian money and high-security products since 1818.

The Peter and Paul Fortress plays an important role in the history of the Russian money circulation. Emperor Peter the Great founded the mint here in 1724. Today the Saint Petersburg Mint is a branch of Goznak. The building on the Cathedral Square was built at the beginning of the 19th century specially for the coin production.

The Russian money is associated with the history of Russia. Museum was opened in the summer of 2016. Here you can trace how various Russian money looked like, examine unique coins and banknotes, unapproved design.

Biblio-Globus is the oldest bookshop in the very centre of Moscow and the largest in Europe. On three floors of the shop you can find a book on any taste among more than 200 thousand of names. Every day we held the sessions of the service clubs and meetings with your favourite authors.

In the main bookshop there is a department “Antique. Collector. Gifts” where numismatic goods are represented as well.

Always at your disposal there is a delivery of books from abroad, VIP-service, development of the collections’ library, corporate gifts, gift pack, services of the Biblio-Globus tour operator.
You can get the best gift – the gift card of Biblio-Globus for any holiday.

Address: Russia, 109000, Moscow, 6/3 Myasnitskaya str., bd. 1
Tel: +7 (495) 781-19-00
e-mail: mail@biblio-globus.ru


“InterCrim-press” Publishing and Printing House
  • Member of the International Association of Currency Affairs (IACA);
  • Media partner of the international conferences on cash circulation: Watermark Conference, COINS Conference, Currency Conference, Banknote Conference, Cash Cycle Seminars (ICCOS), High Security Printing so forth

INTERCRIM-PRESS provides expert information on banknote authentication and legal tender status for public and commercial institutions, documents and securities, cash management at banks, efficiency and security of payment instruments.

Reference periodicals and publications are grouped according to the following series: «World Currencies», «Commemorative coins», «History. Finance. Economy», «World Currency Industry» in Russian and English languages.

The series «Commemorative coins» is represented by periodicals and book editions: the annual catalog «Commemorative Coins of Russia», «Modern coins of the world», as well as books about commemorative coins dedicated to the history of world aviation, jurisprudence, commemorative coins of the Russian Empire, the USSR and the Russian Federation.

More news on our editions can be found on our website: www.icpress.ru
Please, forward your feedbacks or requests at world@icpress.ru
PLUS Journal
PLUS Journal is the most competent periodical in Russia and other FSU countries. The target audience of the publication includes top executives such as directors, vice-presidents and deputy chairmen of the credit and financial institutions, manufacturing and technology companies, mid-level managers directly involved in the preparation and approval of long term decisions on the implementation of specific projects in banks, and other commercial and government entities.

The Journal is focused on the following areas: retail banking, payment business, cash circulation, state regulation and legislation, acquiring, technologies and business cases, retail infrastructure, security and cyber risks, business strategies, self-service and cash management, IT solutions, digital banking, mobile payments, e-commerce, customer experience, big data, regulatory technology, fintech and banks, blockchain and crypto-currencies, etc.

Phone: +7 495 961 1065
E-mail: marketing@plusworld.ru
Address: 117218, Moscow, ul. Krzhizhanovskogo 29/5
Website: www.plusworld.org
From scientific and informative of every quarter professional magazine «NUMISMATICS» and books of the specialized publishing house «Numismatic Literature» you hear about the scientific openings and researches of the acknowledged scientists, lead museum specialists and collectors, about conferences, congresses and seminars, about exhibitions and auctions, finds and prognoses in area of numismatics, bonistics, faleristics and medals & the art of medal-making.
Tel/fax: +7-499-272-20-05, (+7-926) 219-11-72
e-mail: numiznata@yandex.ru
Address: 107140, Moscow,
Ul. Verhnyaya Krasnoselskaya. 34, Apt. 35


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Information agency «Banks and Finance»
logo_new_auction The professional community Banks and Finance was created in 2012 Initially, the resource was created as a platform for exchanging views about the situation on the market of the financial services, but over time the territory was expanded and under the brand BANKIFIN Information Agency is represented on the networks: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The total audience of the Information Agency – more than 200 thousand readers. And now, the professional community has gone beyond social networks and became independent media resource, supporting events of the banking and financial industry, as an information partner.


CoinsWeekly is a weekly webzine in English and German dedicated to numismatics in all aspects. It covers all kinds of currency, from ancient to modern, from European to Australian, from coin to bank note, from medal to token. It brings together collectors, dealers, scholars, museums and mints. CoinsWeekly is really international and based on a net of numismatic friends the founder, Ursula Kampmann, has met over 25 years. Every Thursday CoinsWeekly publishes 6–8 news in English and German, among them numismatic photo reports, book reviews, and all what makes numismatics so exciting. Additionally you will find auction previews, auction reviews and new coin issues from all over the world. It also features video podcasts on numismatic topics, and a Who is Who presenting prominent people from the world of numismatics. Search in an archive that offers more than 3,500 articles.

The International Numismatic Council and the International Association of Professional Numismatists have chosen CoinsWeekly as jobmarket for the whole community.

Every Thursday the newsletter is sent out and informs more than 6,000 professional numismatists and collectors in about 120 nations about the latest news from the numismatic world.


Monnaie Magazine
Monnaie Magazine is the only monthly numismatic magazine in France for the wide audience. Each month there are: articles, researches, reports, rates, lists for sale, announcements, interviews, show calendar, historical documents, pedagogical information, etc. Always actual Monnaie Magazine is absolutely interesting for all kinds of readers. Thank to the magazine you can keep informed about any international events. Monnaie Magazine is for every coin or banknote collector!
City of Hobby
“City of Hobby” – is a unique shopping center in Moscow, where more than 200 shops are operating in various types of hobbies.

Coins and banknotes, postage stamps and postcards, antiques and collectible minerals, old photographs and books, signs and items of military history, soccer paraphernalia, vinyl records, arts and crafts, as well as gifts and souvenirs, goods for creativity, handicrafts and sports .

Тел.: +7 (495) 981-54-50
E-mail: info@gorodhobby.ru
Russia Moscow. Schelkovskoe highway, 3, p. 1, art. metro station Cherkizovskaya and MCC Lokomotiv
The National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic
National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic is a central bank of the Kyrgyz Republic. It was established on March 6, 1992 The status, objectives, functions, powers and principles of organization and activity of the National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic are legislatively determined by the Constitution of the Kyrgyz Republic and the Law on National bank of the Kyrgyz Republic, banks and banking activity.

The overall objective of the activity of the National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic is to achieve and maintain stability of prices by means of implementing an appropriate monetary policy. The primary task contributory to attainment of the corporate objective of the bank is to maintain a purchasing power of the national currency, and safety and reliability of the banking and payment system of the republic.

National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic has the sole responsibility to issue banknotes.
E-mail: mail@nbkr.kg
Website: www.nbkr.kg