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Partners of COINS-2018


Publisher – Water Mark Publishing House
Issued since 2006
Publication frequency – 2 issues per year
Circulation – 14500 issues
Volume – 100 – 110 pages
Size А4, full colour


– News of the coin market
– Interviews with the experts of mints, national banks, numismatic companies
– Exclusive reports from local and international numismatic exhibitions
– Results of the leading Russian and international auctions
– Articles about ancient coins
– Medal art

Russia, 190020, St. Petersburg, Staro-Petergofsky pr., 43–45, lit. B, of.4н
Tel. +7 (812) 3253523, 3465015 (16, 17, 18), Tel/fax +7 (812) 3252099, info@watermark.ru


“InterCrim-press” Publishing and Printing House
  • Member of the International Association of Currency Affairs (IACA);
  • Media partner of the international conferences on cash circulation: Watermark Conference, COINS Conference, Currency Conference, Banknote Conference, Cash Cycle Seminars (ICCOS), High Security Printing so forth

INTERCRIM-PRESS provides expert information on banknote authentication and legal tender status for public and commercial institutions, documents and securities, cash management at banks, efficiency and security of payment instruments.

Reference periodicals and publications are grouped according to the following series: «World Currencies», «Commemorative coins», «History. Finance. Economy», «World Currency Industry» in Russian and English languages.

The series «Commemorative coins» is represented by periodicals and book editions: the annual catalog «Commemorative Coins of Russia», «Modern coins of the world», as well as books about commemorative coins dedicated to the history of world aviation, jurisprudence, commemorative coins of the Russian Empire, the USSR and the Russian Federation.

More news on our editions can be found on our website: www.icpress.ru
Please, forward your feedbacks or requests at world@icpress.ru
PLUS Journal
PLUS Journal is the most competent periodical in Russia and other FSU countries. The target audience of the publication includes top executives such as directors, vice-presidents and deputy chairmen of the credit and financial institutions, manufacturing and technology companies, mid-level managers directly involved in the preparation and approval of long term decisions on the implementation of specific projects in banks, and other commercial and government entities.

The Journal is focused on the following areas: retail banking, payment business, cash circulation, state regulation and legislation, acquiring, technologies and business cases, retail infrastructure, security and cyber risks, business strategies, self-service and cash management, IT solutions, digital banking, mobile payments, e-commerce, customer experience, big data, regulatory technology, fintech and banks, blockchain and crypto-currencies, etc.

Phone: +7 495 961 1065
E-mail: marketing@plusworld.ru
Address: 117218, Moscow, ul. Krzhizhanovskogo 29/5
Website: www.plusworld.org
From scientific and informative of every quarter professional magazine «NUMISMATICS» and books of the specialized publishing house «Numismatic Literature» you hear about the scientific openings and researches of the acknowledged scientists, lead museum specialists and collectors, about conferences, congresses and seminars, about exhibitions and auctions, finds and prognoses in area of numismatics, bonistics, faleristics and medals & the art of medal-making.
Tel/fax: +7-499-272-20-05, (+7-926) 219-11-72
e-mail: numiznata@yandex.ru
Address: 107140, Moscow,
Ul. Verhnyaya Krasnoselskaya. 34, Apt. 35


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