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Sixth International Coin Conference and Exhibition COINS-2015 took place from 25 to 27 June at the Radisson Slavyanskaya Hotel and Business Center in Moscow.

“COINS” is the only Russian conference dedicated to commemorative and investment coins. Representatives of the Bank of Russia, experts of Goznak, heads of central and commercial banks, the largest mints of the world, coin distribution companies, auction houses and numismatic stores took part in the conference.

Issues related to the current situation in the market of commemorative coins, coin design, production technologies, marketing and advertising of coins were discussed at the conference, which gathered together more than 200 delegates from 17 countries.

Ms. Julia Pospelova, the Leading Economist of Commemorative Coins Division of Cash Circulation Department of the Bank of Russia, narrated to the delegates on the current situation in the commemorative and investment coins market in Russia.

From the presentation by Mr. Alexander Rakovsky, Deputy Director General of TBSS Ltd., the participants of the conference got to know about nuances of a procedure of customs clearance for coins transported by legal and private persons.

Senior Project Manager of the Department of development and implementation of federal projects of CCCB (Federal State Unitary Enterprise “Courier Communication Central Board”), Mr. Konstantin Galushkin, told in details about management of delivery of coins and cash assets by CCCB.

“Coins, devoted to the Great Victory of the Soviet people” was the topic of presentation made by an academician Mr. Alexander Baklanov, Design director of the Design Сentre of Goznak.

How may a friendly grotesque become a new direction in the design of coins and medals? This question was answered by Mr. Emil Grigoryan, General Director of Yerevan Jewellery Plant – 1 “GNOMON”.

Mr. Valeriy Shalunov, Advisor Engineer of the Production Department of Moscow Mint of Goznak, dedicated his speech to the new recipes of preservation of coins.

Challenges in Minting Technology were reported by Mr. Dieter Merkle, Head of Corporate Minting Strategy of a German company Schuler Pressen GmbH.

Mr. Lukasz Karda, Technical and Production Organization Department Director of the Mint of Poland, made a presentation about a technologically advanced three-dimensional coin “Seven New Wonders of the World” from the “Mysteries of the World” series.

In the special numismatic seminar perspectives of development of investment coins market were discussed. Vice-president of Gold coin house Mr. Alexey Vyazovskiy told about investment coins prospects for the gold market in Russia.

Mr. Roman Otlivanchik, analyst of Derzhava Company turned the delegates’ attention to the annual results of the monetary reform “Smart Money”.

Any visitor of the exhibition could freely attend numismatic seminars held during the second day of the conference.

Mr. Igor Shiryakov, Head of Numismatic Department of the State Historical Museum, described in his presentation the history of the first chervonets coins of Peter I. What may ancient coins indicate about Politic and Propaganda in Roman Empire? The answer to this question was revealed by Mr. Matthieu Dessertine, World coins acquisitions Coordinator of CGB.FR.

Ms. Galina Svintsova, Chief expert of the Department of analytical evaluation and exhibiting of treasures of the Diamond Fund and of the State Fund of Russia, told about acquisition, exhibiting and accounting of coin collection of Gokhran of Russia.

Mr. Aleksander Kolizin, senior researcher of the Department of archeology and numismatics of Moscow Kremlin Museums, made a presentation on the topic “Rubles and poltinas in Moscow in XIV-XV centuries”.

67 exhibitors took part in the exhibition COINS-2015. The central booth was represented by Goznak. Modern commemorative coins of precious metals and investment coins were displayed at the booths of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus, the National Bank of Kyrgyz Republic, Resource Group of Companies, Trans-Dniester Republican bank, Transstroibank, RIAL-CREDIT bank, HERMESAUCTION (Russia), Moneda Nueva (Spain/Russia), Numiscom GmbH & Co KG (Germany), UNET NumisCollect (The Netherlands), Leuchtturm Albenverlag GmbH & Co. KG (Germany) etc.

Over 3000 visitors attended the exhibition COINS-2015. They added their numismatic collections with coins minted by the biggest world mints: with commemorative and investment coins, modern, medieval and ancient coins, many of which carried traces of a noble cabinet patina.

All visitors of the Water Mark Publishing House booth were able to enjoy the numismatic aesthetics of gold and silver commemorative coins, some of which were announced the winners of various categories of the Ninth International commemorative coins contest “Coin Constellation-2015” on the eve of the exhibition opening on June 25. This year's competition featured more than 240 commemorative coins and 23 coin series from 29 countries issued from 1 January to 31 December 2014.

Everybody could make with their own hands a memorable coin-looking token on the historical coining press of Goznak, get acquainted with a funny robot from Biblio-Globus Trading House who was scurrying about the exhibition hall, define an assay on the spectrograph of RIAL-CREDIT bank, etc.

Every hour the scene located in the center of the exhibition hall attracted adults and children who decided to participate in quizzes, creative contests, prize campaigns and draw games. As a result, dozens of visitors won collector’s coins, including coins of precious metals, coin sets, calendars with tokens, numismatic postcards and accessories, subscriptions to the Gold Chervonets Magazine, etc.

Goznak is the Gold Sponsor of the Sixth International Coin Conference and Exhibition COINS-2015, French numismatic company CGB.FR is the co-organizer of the business program for visitors of COINS-2015, Museum of money is the co-organizer of the children's program of the exhibition, Gohran of Russia is the co-organizer of the cultural program for visitors, Money Museum and DI-NOVA LLC are the co-organizers of the program for kids-visitors of the exhibition, Czech Mint is the partner of the exhibition program of COINS-2015, The CCCB and ZAO Feodorovski zavod AV are the partners of COINS-2015.

The organizer of the conference and exhibition COINS-2015 is Water Mark Publishing House, the editor of the specialized magazine about coins – the Gold Chervonets Magazine, and the organizer of the International Commemorative Coin Contest “Coin Constellation”.

Information support of COINS-2015 was provided by the Association of the Regional Banks of Russia.

Media Partners of COINS-2015 are: the Gold Chervonets Magazine, the Analytical Banking Magazine, the National Banking Journal, the Banks and Business World Magazine, the Numismatics Magazine, PLUS Magazine, Biblio-Globus Trading House, InterCrim-Press and Krause Publications Publishing and Printing Houses, webzine The Bulletin Numismatique, Almanac “Collector’s shop”, trading platform Molotok.Ru, CGB.fr, section of the Portal Gold.investfunds.ru, Monnaie Magazine.

You can get additional information at the Organizing Committee:
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