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Sponsors of COINS-2013

Gold Sponsor
Goznak started its history in 1818, when the Expedition of Storing State Papers was founded in accordance with the Decree of the Emperor Alexander I. Today, Federal State Unitary Enterprise “Goznak” incorporates 8 branches including two mints – in Saint Petersburg and in Moscow. The Saint Petersburg and Moscow Mints carry out the order of the Bank of Russia for striking change, commemorative and investment coins, they produce state awards and distinction marks, issue commemorative medals, various souvenirs, marks of assay as well as jewellery.
www.goznak.ru  www.mintspb.ru  www.mmint.ru
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Ellers Company presents a full cycle innovative project of working with precious items containing precious metals and gems, including investment and commemorative coins.

The complex business approach allows to build a chain of services in accordance with the international standards – the specialized service for realization of all sorts of precious items, reliable storage, chemical analysis.

The personal management will satisfy the requests of the most sophisticated clients.

The company has any resources for organization of high-value commodity traffic and customs escort of precious metal items.

Partner of the Exhibition Programme

EMPORIUM HAMBURG Coin Trading Company Ltd.

Emporium Hamburg is one of the world’s leading coin trading companies. We’re a competent and helpful partner supporting coin collectors, investors and coin dealers for over 40 years. Creativity and reliability are the most important key words of our company’s philosophy.

The chain of our partners and suppliers are starting with the Bank of Russia and continuing through the British Royal Mint, Monnaie de Paris, Royal Spanish Mint, US Mint, Banco de Mexico, Royal Australian Mint and Perth Mint, just to pick up a few of our most important partners.

Our staff members travel all over the world to auctions and trade fairs to purchase and broaden their professional knowledge of coins. As a customer at Emporium you can profit from our many years of experience and our precise knowledge of the international coin market, we are able to meet almost every special customer requirement.

The Emporium Group is organized to serve the areas of wholesale, investment coins, ancient coins and auctions as well as mail order selling. The auction department of Emporium Hamburg has been conducting coin auctions since 1983 and is one of the leading numismatic coin auction houses of Germany. The wholesale of Emporium Hamburg was founded in 1972. The Emporium Hamburg wholesale has made agreements with a number of mints and countries for exclusive coin programs. Our product managers are developing new and interesting products with innovative technologies.

Emporium-Merkator is the direct marketing channel in the Emporium Group. We offer subscription models with exclusive advantages, single deals through offline and online channels and individual customer relation management at a fair and competitive price.

Precious metal collectors, dealers and investors can find competent help on our investment website: www.silber-werte.de and from our investment consultants who can answer all your questions and provide personal consultation for investment in physical precious metal. For more information about our company please visit our websites or by phone: +49 40 257 99 0


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