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Fourth International Coin Conference and Exhibition COINS-2013
The Fourth International Coin Conference and Exhibition COINS-2013 took place from 26th till 28th September 2013 in Moscow, in the Radisson Slavyanskaya Hotel and Business Center.

Representatives of the Bank of Russia, experts from the leading mints, Goznak, central and commercial banks, largest coin distributing companies from 5 continents took part in the only conference on commemorative coins in Russia.

At the conference, which brought together about 300 delegates, the following challenging topics were discussed: current situation on the commemorative coins market, coin production technologies, coin design, marketing and promotion. The presentation by Yulia Pospelova, Leading Economist of Commemorative Coins Division of Cash Circulation Department of the Bank of Russia, covered basic stages of formation and development of the modern commemorative coins market in Russia.

Siemowit Kalukiewicz, Manager of Production of Organization and Technical Department from the Mint of Poland, told in details about the birth of the first cylindrical coin in the world.

Express testing of the coins durability was a topic of the presentation by Alexey Akinin, Head of Coins and Orders Department from the Scientific Research Institute of Goznak, Russia.

A separate seminar was dedicated to highlights of the investment coins market. Viktoria Suzanskaya, Deputy Head of Numismatic Products and Marketing Department of the National Bank of Ukraine, made a presentation about investment coins in Ukraine having paid special attention to the issues of design and investment perspectives of the hoarding coins.

Some well-known numismatists from numismatic sectors of state museums as well as representatives of the Russian and foreign auction houses, experts in sales of commemorative and investment coins took part in the conference.

The specifics of the conference COINS-2013 was an orientation to both legal and physical persons. Anyone could freely attend numismatic seminars held on the second day of the conference, listen to the speakers and ask any questions concerning numismatics.

Igor Shiryakov, Head of Numismatic Department of the State Historical Museum of Russia, pinpointed the modern situation and prospects of the numismatics as a science. Alexander Khramenkov, Research Officer of the Russian National Centre “Kurchatov Institute”, told about faked coins of the Russian Empire.

There were 50 exhibitors at the COINS show. The central booths were represented by Goznak and Sberbank of Russia. Modern commemorative coins of precious metals – winners of numerous prestigious international numismatic contests – were displayed at the booths of the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus, the Kazakhstan Mint, Resource Group of Companies, Emporium Hamburg, РАМР, and other companies. Historical coins could be found at the booths of the East European Antique House and Hermes Auction Company.

Visitors of COINS-2013 got an opportunity to see gold and silver commemorative coins (some of them weighing more than a kilo) which were announced the winners in different nominations of the Seventh International Coins Contest “Coin Constellation -2013” on the day before the exhibition, 26th September. This year more than 270 commemorative coins and 28 coin series from 30 countries have competed in the contest.

Each guest of the show could add commemorative coins of the St. Petersburg and Moscow mints of Goznak and largest foreign mints to their collections. For the first time ever any visitor could make a souvenir token with the logos of COINS-2013 and Goznak by himself, with the help of the historical embossing machine brought by Goznak.

Over 3000 people attended the exhibition COINS-2013. Organizers and exhibitors prepared a lot of contests, quizzes and prize auctions for them. Among the prizes taken by the winners both adults and kids are coins made of precious metals, commemorative coin sets, souvenir postcards with coins, new issues of the Gold Chervonets Magazine, valuable numismatic literature and accessories.

Goznak has become the Gold Sponsor of the Fourth International Coin Conference and Exhibition COINS-2013. Promotional Partner – Ellers Company. Partner of the Exhibition Programme - Emporium Hamburg.

Organizer of the COINS conference and exhibition is Water Mark Publishing House, the editor of the specialized magazine about coins – the Gold Chervonets, and the organizer of the International Coins Contest “Coin Constellation”.

Information support was provided by the Association of the Regional Banks of Russia.

Media Partners of COINS-2013: the Gold Chervonets Magazine, the Analytical Banking Magazine, the Banks and Business World Magazine, Biblio-Globus Trading House, InterCrim-press Publishing and Printing House, Molotok.Ru, the National Banking Journal, the Numismatics Magazine, Currency News, Krause Publications, Gold.investfunds.ru, Monnaie Magazine.

You can get more information about COINS-2013 from the Water Mark Publishing House by tel.: +7 (812) 495-43-01; e-mail: info@watermark.ru.