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From 22 till 23 September 2017 the Eighth International Coin Conference and Exhibition COINS-2017 was held in Radisson Slavyanskaya Hotel in Moscow.

COINS is the only international forum in Russia dedicated to commemorative and investment coins. Representatives of the Bank of Russia, specialists from Goznak, heads of national and commercial banks, world largest mints, coin distributors, auction houses and numismatic companies took part in this event.


Issues related to the current state of the commemorative and investment coins market, innovations in coin production, design, marketing and coin advertising, modern coin programs were discussed at the conference, as well as the latest developments concerning successful promotion of coin products were presented at COINS-2017, which gathered hundreds of delegates from dozens of countries.

Representatives of the Bank of Russia traditionally take part in COINS. Julia Pospelova,   Leading Economist of the coins production organization sector Commemorative Coins Division Cash Circulation Department of the Bank of Russia, took part at the conference as a speaker this year. The theme of her report was current commemorative and investment coins market in Russia.

The specialists of Goznak are annually among the speakers of the confernce. The well-known artist of the 1st category of the Design Center for Controlling Technology and Dispatching of Coin and Order Production of Goznak, Andrey Brinza touched upon the topic of laser technologies in the artistic design of commemorative coins and medals in his speech. Specificity and experience of the development in coin design was shared by Anton Shchablykin the leading artist of the Design Center for Controlling Technology and Dispatching Coin and Order Production of Goznak.

Saulius Vaitiekūnas, director of the Lithuanian Mint, introduced features of striking coins of exceptional form for delegates of the conference. Oliver Junggerr, general manager of the German company Numiscom GmbH & Co KG, spoke about new trends and technologies for commemorative coins.

Marat Ketler, Exclusive Representative of Jarden Zinc Products (USA), presented cost effective security for modern circulating coinage. Anuar Konirkuljaev, Head of Cash Analysis and Planning Unit of Cash Management Division of the National Bank of Kazakhstan, presented the program of the National Bank for the sale and repurchase of measured bars of affineed gold for population, which aroused strong interest from the audience and a huge number of questions to the speaker.

Alexey Petrishin, Senior Manager for Dealer and Client Development of the Russian company ASK-RENTGEN, presented the report about determination of forgeries in precious coins and bullion by measurement of electrical conductivity with Sigmascope GOLD.

The Awarding Ceremony of the winners of the XI International Commemorative Coin Contest “Coin Constellation-2017” was held at the gala dinner in the evening on the first working day of COINS-2017. This year, 40 participants from 27 countries submitted their coins to the competition. In the “Coin of the year” nomination, the coin “250th Anniversary of the Foundation of the Warsaw Mint of Poland” by Downies Coins Pty Ltd (Australia) became the winner. The second place was taken by the coin “Winged Isis”, represented by the German company Numiartis. The third place was shared by two coins: the coin “The world through the eyes of children” presented by the National Bank of the Republic of Belarus, and the coin ” 250th Anniversary of the Foundation of the Warsaw Mint of Poland” presented by the National Bank of Poland. Many of the nominated coins were displayed at the exhibition.

COINS is the only major international exhibition in Russia. World largest mints, large commercial banks of Russia, coin distributors, auction houses and numismatic companies took part at the exhibition. This year, more than 40 companies from different countries became exhibitors. Also, 30 dealers presented their products to participants and visitors of COINS-2017.


Traditionally, among the visitors there are collectors with children. This year prize quizzes, master classes, contests for adults and children were organized for the visitors of the exhibition. The winners of contests became owners of rare coins, including precious metals coins, coin sets, books, catalogs, albums for coins and many other prizes from participants and partners of COINS. Everybody had a chance to mint a commemorative token with the COINS-2017 logo using a Goznak historic embossing press.


Experts of the exposition “History of money” of Goznak acquainted the visitors of COINS-2017 with numismatic masterpieces of the exposition and held prize quizzes for them, dedicated to interesting facts and events about the history of money.

It was possible to take part in the contest “Draw a banknote of the future”, and also to embark on an exciting journey in search of coins along with the Magic Trolls in the children’s playground “Monetkino”.


Sponsors of the Eighth International Coin Conference and Exhibition COINS-2017:

  • Gold Sponsor – Goznak
  • Co-organizer of the business programme for visitors – French numismatic company CGB.FR
  • Partner of theexhibition programme – Czech Mint
  • Co-organizer of the cultural programme – Gohran of Russia
  • Partner of the exhibition – German company Numiscom

The organizer of the conference and exhibition COINS-2017 is the publishing house Water Mark, which publishes a specialized magazine about coins the Gold Chervonets and is the organizer of the International Commemorative Coin Contest “Coin Constellation”.

For additional information, please contact the Organizational Committee of COINS-2017: