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The Third International Coin Conference and Exhibition COINS-2012 successfully closed in Moscow. The Third International Coin Conference and Exhibition COINS-2012 took place on 14-17 June – this time in Moscow.

At the conference the delegates discussed acute issues of coin design and manufacture, difficulties and opportunities of commemorative coins distribution, including the Internet channel, and other numismatic issues. Vladimir Shesternin, Head of Commemorative Coins Sector of Cash Circulation Department of the Bank of Russia, reported about the current development of the home market of precious metal coins.

For the first time in the conference history there was a special session about investment coins. Ron Currie, Sales and Marketing Director of the Perth Mint (Australia), made a presentation about investment coins in different countries.

Representatives of the Bank of Russia, experts of national and central banks from different countries, Goznak, mints from many parts of the world, largest Russian commercial banks and world coin distributors attended the conference, as well as many collectors and numismatists, specialists in commemorative and investment coins sales.

For the first time ever not only representatives from national banks, mints and dealers but also non-professionals who do not work on the coin market could participate in the discussions. The second day of the conference was open for all comers.

COINS is the only conference in Russia dedicated to commemorative coins. This year there has been the record attendance – over 230 delegates representing more than 120 companies from 30 countries. The exhibition had more than 30 booths, among them featuring the commemorative coins of the national banks of Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Monnaie de Paris and others. The largest booths belonged to Goznak, Sberbank of Russia, and Resource Group of Companies. The representatives from Kuenker and Sincona auction houses could also be found at their booths.

First time in Russia visitors could see the kilo silver coin dedicated to the Olympic Games coming in July 2012 to London. It was brought to the show by the Royal Mint (Great Britain). What else was really interesting for visitors is the French gold commemorative coin called the Kremlin as well as gold and silver coins minted by Monnaie de Paris as a dedication to the French sovereigns.

The exhibition saw a lot of other commemorative coins affordable to buyers. Many bought the coins of the Sochi-2014 coin program and other items minted by St. Petersburg and Moscow mints of Goznak. Coin lovers were able to buy foreign commemorative coins as well as ancient coins from numismatic collections.

The exhibition was open for the wide public. For 3 days it was attended by more than 2000 visitors. Many of them left the show with the commemorative coins bought and prizes won in a lottery and games organized several times a day by the Organizing Committee.

The General Sponsor of the Third International Coin Conference and Exhibition COINS – 2012 is the federal state unitary enterprise “Goznak”; the Gold Sponsor is NOMOS-BANK.

The Organizer of COINS-2012 is the Russian publishing house “Water Mark” issuing the only in Russia specialized magazine about coins – The Gold Chervonets, and organizing the annual international commemorative coin contest “Coin Constellation”.

Media Partners of COINS-2012 – the Analytical Banking Magazine, the Gold Chervonets Magazine, the Antikvar Banking Review, the Banks and Business World Magazine, the National Banking Magazine, the Numismatica Magazine, Sriblo (Ukraine), Monnaie Magazine (France), Currency News (USA), InterCrim-Press Publishers, Krause Publications (USA), Biblio-Globus Trading House, Molotok.Ru.

The event also received an information support by the Association of the regional banks of Russia.

Any additional information about the conference and exhibition can be required by phone:
+7 (812) 495-43-01
Contact person – Larisa Mamina.