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Ababica. Antiques. Numismatics (Russia)

Allcollect (Germany)

A-Mark Trading (Austria)

Amera International (Switzerland)

Analytical Banking Magazine (Russia)

Andorra Mint ( Andorra)

Austrian Mint (Austria)

Aziza (Kazakhstan)

Bank of Russia (Russia)

Bank of Khanty-Mansiysk (Russia)

Bank of Moscow (Russia)

Bank Petrocommerce (Russia)

Bank VTB 24 (Russia)

Belpromstroybank (Belarus)

B.H. Mayer’s Kunstpraegeanstalt (Germany)

BSnova (Russia)

Central Bank of Republic of Armenia

Centro Credit Bank (Russia)

Certiline (Italy)

China Gold Coin (China)

Coincity (Russia)

Coin Invest Trust (Lichtenstein)

Kolymsky Refinery Plant (Russia)

Kuban Credit Bank (Russia)

Monolit Bank (Russia)

Galleria Cayon (Spain)

Courier Communication Central Board (Russia)

Goznak (Russia)

De La Rue CIS (Russia)

Dunker & Partner (Germany)

Emporium Hamburg (Germany)

Gold Chervonets Magazine (Russia)

Graebener Pressensysteme (Germany)

InterCrim – press (Russia)

International Coin House (Switzerland)

I. S. N. I. (Istituto per la Salvaguardia della Numismatica Italiana) (Italy)

Kazakhstan Mint

Konros Group of companies (Russia)

Krayinvestbank (Russia)

Lithuanian Mint

Master Bank (Russia)

MasterVision (Russia)

MDM Muenzhandelsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG Deutsche Muenze (Germany)

Mint of Finland

Mint of Poland

Modern Numismatics International (The Netherlands)

Monnaie de Paris (France)

Moscow Mint of Goznak (Russia)

National Bank of Belarus

National Bank of Poland

National Bank of the Kyrgyz Republic

National Bank of Tajikistan

National Bank of Ukraine

New Zealand Mint

North-Western Banking Association (Russia)

NS Bank (Russia)

NumisCollect (The Netherlands)

Numismatics Magazine (Russia)

Oschadny Bank (Ukraine)

PAMP (Switzerland)

Pobjoy Mint (UK)

Project Financing Bank (Russia)

Raiffeisen Bank Aval (Ukraine)

Resource Group of companies (Russia, Ukraine)

Rosbank (Russia)

Royal Canadian Mint

Royal Dutch Mint

Royal Mint (UK)

Royal Spanish Mint

Russian souvenir (Russia)

Saint-Petersburg Numismatics (Russia)

Samlerhuset Group (The Netherlands)

Sberbank of Russia (Russia)

Sberbank, Kazakhstan Branch (Kazakhstan)

Silver Magazine (Ukraine)

Skarbiec Mennicy Polskiej (Poland)

Skarbnica Narodowa (Poland)

Schoeller Muenzhandel (Austria)

Schuler Pressen (Germany)

SMP Bank (Russia)

Saint-Petersburg Mint of Goznak (Russia)

Tatfondbank (Russia)

The State Russian Museum (Russia)

Transcapitalbank (Russia)

TAVEX (Estonia)

The Perth Mint (Australia)

The Moscow Numismatists’ Club, Russia

Trans-Dniester Republican Bank

Universal Mint (Hong Kong)

World Money Fair (Switzerland)

Zolotoy Zapas (Russia)