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Water Mark Publishing House

Publishing activities

  • The Water Mark company is the founder and the publisher of the magazines:
  • The Watermark magazine (the only Russian periodical dedicated to the security printing products, published since 2003, issued 6 times a year)
  • The Gold Chervonets magazine (magazine about coins for collections, investments and gifts, published since 2006, issued 4 times a year)
  • The Watermark English digest (published since 2007, issued 2 times a year)
  • Also the Water Mark company publishes representative and advertising polygraphic products (annual reports, corporate newspapers, booklets, catalogues etc).

About the Co-organizersList

Association of Russian Banks (ARB)

Association of Russian Banks (ARB) is a non-governmental non-commercial organization which unities the commercial banks and other credit organizations and also the organizations, activities of which are connected with operation of the financial credit system of the Russian Federation.

ARB unities about 80% of the banking institutions of Russia which possess more than 92% of joint banking capital of the acting credit organizations and more than 93% of all the assets of the Russian banking system.

As of 27 May 2010 the ARB includes 714 members, among them there are 546 credit organizations which have got 2964 branches. The banks members of the Association of Russian banks and their branches conduct their business in all the regions of the Russian Federation.

Among the members of the ARB there are 55 banks with 100% and 17 banks with more than 50% foreign participation in the charter capital, 15 missions of the foreign banks and also all the members of the Big Auditing Four.

Website: www.arb.ru

National Banking Club (NBK)

National Banking Club (NBK) was established by the Association of Russian Banks, National Banking Magazine and the United legation of the regional banks in Moscow “Russian Capital-Service” in 2006. The purpose of this union became the formation of the civilized business environment and the corporate culture of the banking community.

National Banking Club acts as an organizer of the annual National Banking Festival, Confe-rence of women leaders of the financial and banking business and other events to be carried out for the representatives of the banking environment.

Website: www.arb.ru

Supported by

The North – Western Banking Association (NWAB)

The North – Western Banking Association (NWAB) established on December, 19th, 1989

is urged to realize a protection policy of interests of the regional banking community, to promote the legislative development and regulatory system necessary for successful work of banks, to increase confidence of the population to bank system of the country, to fast and fully inform the public on activity of banks – NWAB members.

E-mail: acb@nwab.ru

Website: www.nwab.ru