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Media partners of COINS-2010

The Analytical Banking Magazine


The Analytical Banking Magazine is a respectable monthly magazine published since 1995. Over the  last several years the magazine has been recognized as the most professional and popular edition in Russian banking industry. The magazine’s subscribers include heads of banks, insurance, financial and investment companies, government, representatives of the  legislative and executive authorities from Russia, the CIS, the Baltic states and foreign countries.

11 Sharikopodshipnikovskaya str., 115088, Moscow, Russia
The Analytical Center for Financial Information

Tel.: +7 (495) 747-60-64, 747-80-84.
E-mail: info@abajour.ru
Website: www.abajour.ru

Antikvar magazine


Antikvar magazine is the only specialized monthly publication in Ukraine dedicated to antiques and collecting.

Since October 2006 the magazine has been covering all the antique areas: from oil and icon painting, arts and crafts to numismatics, faleristics and bonistics; it monitors the main trends of art market development.

The  leading professionals of the industry – collectors, dealers, gallery owners and antiquers – are not only the part of the magazine readership but also active co-authors. Antikvar magazine is the general information partner of the Ukrainian Guild of Antiquers.




“InterCrim-press” is one of the world  leaders in specialized catalogues and reference books, both in Russian and English, on bank-notes and commemorative coins of the world. “InterCrim-press” publishes reference and methodological  literature and periodicals devoted to the identification of the main currencies of the world, and all types of Russian security papers.

Since 2003 “InterCrim-press” has been issuing a yearly catalogue of the commemorative coins of the Bank of Russia and the general catalogue of Russian commemorative coins, the  latest edition comprising the period from 1832 to 2009.

Our publications are recommended for use by the International Association of Currency Affairs, Bank of Russia and the Forensic Science Center of the RF Ministry of the Interior.

“InterCrim-press” Publishing and Printing House
51/53, Bolshaya Pochtovaya str., Moscow, 105082, Russia
Phone: +7 (499) 763 3978; +7 (499) 267 3063
Fax: + (499) 267 4234
www.icpress.ru/en; e-mail: sell@icpress.ru

The National Bank Magazine



The National Bank Magazine is the national scale business edition devoted to the problems of the banking community. It was established by Association of Russian Banks in November, 2003.

The magazine covers a state of the domestic banking market, its part in the development of the national economy and society, its place in the world financial system.

Three topical sections “Banks & World”, “Banks & Business”, “Banks & Society” disclose peculiarities of the bank community’s  life and its activity in Russia and abroad. Every issue has a key topic and basic articles on it.

127051, Russia, Moscow, Suvorovskaya ploschad’, 1
Tel.: +7(495)221-88-15
e-mail: nbj@nbj.ru

Numismatica Magazine


From scientific and informative professional quarterly magazine «NUMISMATICS» and books of the specialized publishing house «Numismatic Literature» you may  learn about the scientific discoveries and researches of the acknowledged scientists,  leading museum experts and collectors, about conferences, congresses and seminars, exhibitions and auctions, finds and forecasts in numismatics, bonistics, faleristics and medal art.

Address: 119146, Moscow, Komsomolskaya prospect, 7
Tel./fax (499) 272-20-05
(8-926) 219-11-72, (8-903) 000-29-93
e-mail: info@numlit.ru, numiznata@yandex.ru

Silver Magazine


“Silver” is the only one and unique magazine in Ukraine for its specification, subject and target audience. “Silver” is an analytical edition mainly for business-class and well-informed readers. 

The heads are focused on covering topics relating to investments, precious metals, antiques, porcelain, jewelry, coins, collectibles and art.