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Gokhran of Russia has opened the exhibition of ancient coins

Tickets to the exhibition of coins in Gokhran will be available on COINS- 2016

Gold, silver and platinum coins took 16 Windows. Among them – the gold coins of Alexander the great, rare rouble Ioann Antonovich, 10 rubles of Elizabeth with the portrait Dacier, coins with unusual denominations of platinum, mined in the mines Demidov, a symbol of the whole exhibition, “family” polutorapolnoy.

Separately, there are gold coins that were used at the Imperial court as the chips during gambling.

Noteworthy gold medal Osip Komissarov (made in a single copy), saved in 1866 the life of Emperor Alexander II from the hands of the revolutionary-terrorist Dmitry Karakozov.

Gokhran of Russia is a co-organizer of the cultural programme of COINS-2016, so I will give the winners of some contests free invitations for a unique exhibition of coins and medals.