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Presentations at COINS-2016

Dear participants of COINS-2016! The conference program is being summarized at the moment.
By now we have received paper proposals from:
  • Bank of Russia — on investment coin market growth,
  • National Bank of the Republic of Belarus — on a new coin series,
  • Goznak — on specifics of designing modern commemorative coins,
  • Czech Mint — on innovations in minting,
  • Numiscom — on coin wholesale in changing and challenging times,
  • Geiger Edelmetalle — on development of the investment coin market,
  • Rial-Credit Bank — on building an online store for the bank,
  • Gold Coin House
  • Derzhava Company and Association of participants of the financial market — on OTC coin market, etc.

The co-organizer of the business program of the exhibition CGB.fr will make two presentations: one for the delegates and the other one for the visitors of the open numismatic seminars.

If you are interested in making a presentation at COINS-2016 please send you paper proposal to Egorova@watermark.ru.