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Sponsors of COINS-2018

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goznak-new-eng Goznak started its history in 1818, when the Expedition of Storing State Papers was founded in accordance with the Decree of the Emperor Alexander I. Today, Federal State Unitary Enterprise “Goznak” incorporates 8 branches including two mints – in Saint Petersburg and in Moscow. The Saint Petersburg and Moscow Mints carry out the order of the Bank of Russia for striking change, commemorative and investment coins, they produce state awards and distinction marks, issue commemorative medals, various souvenirs, marks of assay as well as jewellery.
http://www.goznak.ru/ http://spmd.goznak.ru/ http://mmd.goznak.ru/

Information about SPONSOR :
+7 (812) 346-50-15, +7 (812) 346-50-16
+7 (812) 325­-20­-99
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